Banner Collection 10 - Europe 1: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France


180 Rotary Club of

Prinz Eugen, Vienna


182 Rotary Club of Antwerpen Schelde

183 Rotary Club of Brussels

184 Rotary Club of
Erasme, Brussels

185 Rotary Club of Plombieres-Welkenraedt 1

186 Rotary Club of Plombieres-Welkenraedt 2


448 Rotary Club of

Prague International, Czech Republic

In 2022 this Club was visited by Meredith and Paul Miegel, who were the RYE chaperones for our outbound students.

President Stephen Apps was presented with the banner on their return to Australia.


249 Rotary Club of Angouleme,


Host Club for Sarah Hughes outbound RYE 2017

250 Rotary Club of 

Baune, Burgundy

251 Rotary Club of Laon, 


252 Rotary Club of

Nancy-Ducale, France. 

This club sponsored our inbound RYE student, Axel Klein in 2011-2012. 

253 Rotary Club of

Sable sur Sarthe, Pays de la Loire

This Club sponsored our inbound RYE student Benoit Turmeau in 2018-19

254 Rotary Club of

St Didier-en-Velay, Firminy