Banner Collection 11 - Europe 2 Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland


255 Rotary Club of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria

256 Rotary District 185 Bundesrepublik

(Federal Republic)

257 Rotary Club of Hamberg-Blankenese 

258 Rotary Club of Hamburg Deichtor

The stone gate (Tor) on the banner is the entrance to the road along the dyke (Deich), which is the embankment along the North bank of the river Elbe built to mitigate flooding in the city. 

259 Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Molin,


 This Club sponsored our inbound RYE student, Jasper Holst, in 2019-2020. 

260 Rotary Club of Cochem-Zell, Rhineland-Palatinate

Outbound Corowa RYE student Sebastian Nicolson was hosted by this Club in 2009.  Seb is pictured at his Rotary Club with the Club President, his Youth Counsellor, a RYE student from Newcastle NSW and Rtn Graham Brown visiting from Australia.

261 Rotary Club of Kappeln, Schleswig-Holstein 

This Club sponsored our inbound RYE student Maria Stock in 2003-2004. Pictured outside the hotel where the Kappeln Rotary Club meets are Margaret and Graham Brown who were doing a make up in 2007 while visiting Maria and her family.

262 Rotary Club of

Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein


263 Rotary Club of 


264 Rotary Club of 


265 Rotary Club of 



277 Rotary Club of Campobasso 

278 Rotary Club of Lovere Iseo Breno

This Club sponsored our inbound exchange student, Susanna Mora in 2014-2015. Suzi is pictured with President Gary Poidevin on her arrival in Corowa. Members of the Rotary Club - Meredith and Paul Miegel and Wally and Lyn Cann -  later visited Suzi and her family while on a trip to Italy in 2015.


355 Rotary Club of 


In 1998 this Club hosted RYE student

Claire Mackinley