District Participation

The Club has had only one District Governor and that was Lyons Kerans in 1984-85.  During that period the Club was part of District 9700.


We have however, had other members who have served on District Committees and these are as follows:

Member Committee/Role Year(s)
Lyons Kerans District Governor 1984-1985
Arthur Francis RYLA Committee  
Neil Davis Assistant District Governor 1997-1998
Neil Davis Youth Exchange - Inbound Coordinator/Counsellor - Scandinavia 1998-2008
Phil Taylor Vocational Services 2003-2004
Howard Scheetz New Generations 2004-2005
Margaret Brown Youth Exchange - Secretary 2007-2013
Gail Law Youth Exchange - Inbound Coordinator/Counsellor - Scandinavia 2008-2009
Gail Law Public Relations - Chair 2013-2014
Gail Law District Alumni - Chair 2014-2015
Howard Scheetz Governor Nominee Committee 2014-2015
Howard Scheetz Administration - Chair 2015-2016
Meredith Miegel Youth Exchange - Secretary 2018-2020
Meredith Miegel Youth Exchange - Chair 2021-