Paul Harris Fellows

A Paul Harris Fellow recipient is someone who has given, or had given in their name a $US1,000 donation to Rotary Foundation.  


In Australia and certainly the Rotary Club of Corowa a Paul Harris Fellow is given to members and others who have given outstanding service to the club and or the community.


Below is a list of the Paul Harris Fellows that are in or have been in our Club:  Members written in blue are Current members

Recipient PHF Awarded Sapphire PHF + Awarded
Stephen Apps April 2017  
Graham Brown June 2008 May 2015
Margaret Brown June 2011 September 2014
Don Burrowes

June 2012

(Awarded by Albury North RC)

Graeme Campbell June 2013 2013
Wally Cann June 2004 April 2017
Jan Darby May 1998  
Peter Darby May 1998  
Neil Davis November 1996 June 2015
Col Dickins June 1983  
Janet Dickins June 2016  
Robert Dickins June 2016  
Ken Eager Jan 1980  
Chris Erickson May 1994  
Arthur Francis June 1993 June 2011
Gordon Gyles May 1990 June 2008, June 2011
Arthur Hawke

February 1991

(as Fitzroy RC member)

2001 (Fitzroy RC member), 2004 (Fitzroy RC member)

2005 (Fitzroy RC member), +8 - 2006 (Fitzroy RC)

Benefactor - Mar 2002

Pauline Hawke 2001 (from Fitzroy Rotary Club)  
Lyons Kerans May 1985  
Gail Law June 2013  
John Law June 2006  
Cyril Lewis January 1982  
Trevor Mackey May 1989  
Meredith Miegel

June 2018 

(Awarded by DG Brian Peters)

July 2020 
Jack Miles April 1987  
Noreen Miller June 2013  
Maureen (Kelly) O'Flaherty March 2006 (as Magill Sunrise RC member)  
Norm O'Flaherty July 1993 (as Morialta RC member) July 2005, June 2008 (as Morialta RC member)
Gary Poidevin OAM June 2015  
David Potts June 2004 June 2013
Alf Roettinger May 1990  
Howard Scheetz June 2007 July 2015
David Talbot June 2011  
Fred Taylor December 1999  
Ray Terrill Oct 2008 (as Rutherglen RC member)  
John (Jack) Tonge  June 1988 (as Rosanna RC member)  
Alan Wilson June 2014