1963 - John Garlich

2021-02-17 International Toast: Rotary Club of Cheyenne

In 1963 our Club hosted our first exchange student, John Garlich. John was from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. I am not sure if John was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cheyenne, however tonight's International Toast is to his home town, the Rotary Club of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cheyenne Rotary was officially accepted as a member of Rotary International on the first of November, 1918. The Cheyenne Club's thrifty-four charter members originally banded together to form a Lion's Club. Some disagreement occurred with the Lion's National Organization, and these thirty-four members changed their minds and applied for a Rotary charter.

They currently have 205 members and have just started "hybrid" meetings — members can attend in person or by zoom. They meet on Wednesdays at 12 noon at the Little America Hotel Resort. Rotarians played an active role in developing a water system for the city. They helped in the development of the Capital Theatre and assisted in the development of the Boy Scout Lodge. They have a host of current projects including Youth Exchange, a literacy project in Guatemala and the provision of "gutter bins" in stormwater drains around the area to stop rubbish entering waterways.


Seven members have been District Governors, and their membership has included five U.S. Senators and seven Governors as well as many other notables. Their current President is Brent Lathrop.