1998-99 - Nora Schwotzer

2020-05-13 Nora Schwotzer – Youth Exchange 1999 - Update


Nora was an exchange student in Corowa in 1999 and is now Dr Schwotzer.

She writes re the COVID pandemic and the situation in Switzerland:

Indeed, strange times we live in. The situation in Switzerland is much similar to Australia. We also had a partial lockdown from mid-March where we were only allowed to go to grocery stores and go for a walk if no one was near. I keep on working but all the surgeries were cancelled in my area of expertise, so we had much less work than usual. We thought that they would transfer our doctors to the COVID units but finally they had enough doctors as it was. Fortunately, the cases are going down and we see much less patients coming to the emergency room, so we hope that the worst is behind. We were not certain if our health system would be able to absorb all the patients and the hospital did an amazing work in re-organising all the units and creating more ICU beds for ventilation. We are relieved that there are less cases. Now the government has allowed some workers to return to work (hairdressers and garden centre’s) and normally tomorrow the schools will reopen.

During all this time, my husband was not allowed to work and stayed at home with the children. They are happy to return to school and he is also happy to regain work. Our parents are doing fine although it was hard for them not to see their grandchildren. Luckily, nobody in our close family got severely sick.

We are living in a very special time and I am relieved to hear that you are all well. 


Thank you for the news,