2001 - Raffael Possobon

Raffael (Raffa) Possobon - 2001 from Balneario Camboriu, Brazil

After an amazing year in Australia I sadly returned home..."it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  It's great to see how other cultures work and see that the are so many opportunities in life that you can experience". 

I returned to Brazil in 2002 to complete High School studies.  In 2005 I was invited to become an English language teacher, which I promptly accepted and did this for one year while completing my final studies to go to university.

In 2006 I was accepted by the UNIVALI, which is a local Community University, where I studied Civil Engineering for five years.  I was top amongst my fellow graduates and received nice award, which I gladly presented to my mom and dad at the graduation.

At the beginning of 2017 I was invited by the local University to lecture in Structural Theory, an invitation I gladly accepted. 

While at university I acquired two new hobbies, Taekwondo and flying. I took flying lessons, it was great, but with all the studies that University required, eventually meant I had to quit flying lessons.  Hopefully I will be able in a short to to go back to this great hobby.

Taekwondo became a lifestyle.  I became an instructor, graduated as a Black Belt, competed in National, Pan-American and even represented the Brazilian Sparring Team in 2016 in the World Championships, where we got a very difficult second place, which is definitely something to remember for the rest of my life.

As a Civil Engineer I work in my family business Zapelini Constructions. I have been responsible for constructing more than 200 high rise apartments.  Actually we are building a 20 floor high rise and I am involved with the local syndicate building it.  I am now vice-president of the company and my main job with this project is to be  consultant, which means a lot of travel, going to national meetings, code writing and legislation issues.

A note from his parents: Raffa is not married, but is happily "playing the field", so the hearts he broke in Australia still have a chance.

Below are some photos of Raffa's time in Australia and since he has returned home.