2003-04 - Maria Stock - Kappeln, Germany

2019-11-20 Maria Stock


In 2003/2004 the Club hosted exchange student Maria Stock from Kappeln in Germany.Maria stayed with host families Neil and Wendy Davis, David and Dianne Potts, Margaret and Graham Brown and John and Dianne Marshall

Since she returned to Germany, members of our Club have kept in contact with Maria. The Club was pleased to hear that three months ago she had her second child - a little girl named Luzia Mirabella.

Together with her partner Hendrik, son Wanja (aged 2) and Luzia, Maria lives in the eastern German city of Halle (Saale). Both Maria and Hendrik were working with refugees in Berlin, and in this city, Hendrik works with people from Romania. While

home with the children, Maria is doing some studies in speech therapy, and hopes to work someday as a therapist in a clinic.

Maria sends her love and greetings to the Rotary Club of Corowa.

Maria was sponsored to Australia by the Rotary Club of Kappeln, which was chartered in 1993. The Club currently has 53 members, including 6 women, and the 2019-20 President is Elke Pratorius-Schmidt. The Club meets for dinner on Monday nights 19.30 - 21.00 at the Restaurant Tauwerk. Kappeln. Interestingly, the Club meeting on 16th December will be at the Advent Service at St Nikolaikirche, Kappeln with partners and families.

2017-06-08 Exchange Student News - Maria Stock

So as everyone knows, babies won't let us mothers sit a long time on the computer and so I will just write a short summery of my life after Rotary youth exchange with you beautiful people from Corowa and Rutherglen.

When I came back to my little hometown Kappeln in Nothern Germany, I had to do three more years of high school (...boring ;) but also enjoy life with my friends and family there. Then I decided to study Phonetics, Philosophy and German as a foreign language (to be able to teach German to foreigners) in Trier - the oldest city of Germany.

I lived and studied there for nearly seven years, which were very important to me. I got active in political activism for refugees, founded a little educational place for unaccompanied minors (is this the right word, refugees who are younger than eighteen and alone) and into lobby-work against racism. In Trier, I also got to know my boyfriend Hendrik, who studied psychology and lived in a shared flat with myself and two other friends.

I finished my studies in 2013 with a good degree and started a Job in Berlin, the capital, as a German teacher. Here in I lived in different house projects and worked in several schools until I found a job as the head of a little school for refugee women and women who are victims of human trade. They can visit language classes, self-defence courses, sowing-groups, cooking classes, bicycle classes and other empowering offers at our place.

But wait - at the moment i am not working. Last year i got pregnant and moved together with Hendrik in the south of Berlin. And since February the 22. our little Wanja Cosmin Stock is with us and we are very happy and proud, to be parents of this little fella.

I wish you all the best and thank you for this wonderful time in Corowa and around! I hope everyone is doing well and send you a lot of hugs!

Hopefully you don’t see too many mistakes in my English writing here - but if so, forgive me - its 14 years now that I left Australia ;)

All the best, Maria”

Pictured: Rtn Graham Brown, Maria with baby Wanja and Rtn Margaret Brown in Germany

Below are some photos of Maria's year in Corowa.  To view a larger version double click on the photo.