2007-08 - Anna Zoechbauer - Rohrbach, Austria

2019-09-18 Anna Zochbouer


The Club was very interested to recieve this lovely photo of Anna taken at her wedding to Tobias.


The Club wishes Anna and Tobias every happiness in their married life together.


Anna Zoechbauer 


When I returned home I finish high school, of course I did exceptionally well in English.

After graduating from high school I worked for half a year, then I did an EVS - European Voluntary Service - for 6 months in Ankara, Turkey.

That was before things went crazy over there...I worked in a primary school as an English and German teacher and as a clown, (yes really) in a hospital for children with chronic long term diseases. 


Back home I started studying physics at the Technical University in Vienna.  Then I met my darling boyfriend Tobias.

Physics didn't last long though. I moved to Graz to do a BA in Transcultural Communications with English and Turkish as my foreign languages.

After graduation I came back to Upper Austria and moved in with Tobias.  We live in a small village next to his mum and his grandparents.

I currently work for a NGO called Volkshife, wher I work with refugees.  Manly from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Chechen.  I am also a yoga teacher.

In September 2017, I will start an organic farming school and I am hoping to start a small farm on our 13 acres of land. I know 13 acres amounts to nothing according to Australian standards, but it is big enough to work as a part time farmer.

I have also had some people from down under visit me, which was very nice. 

Without exaggeration I can say that the year I spent in Corowa made me a more mature human being and had an effect on my life choices.


When I was 16, it was a cool fun year, after my teenage years I realized what profound effect that year has had.


So, thank you,



Below are some photos of Anna's year in Corowa.