2008-09 - Chalotte Svensson - Bollnas, Sweden

2020-10-21  GUEST SPEAKER via ZOOM: Charlotte Svensson

Rotary inbound exchange student 2008-2009

Charlotte said that she learnt a lot during her time as an exchange student in Corowa. It was a wonderful experience and from it she has made many friends. Charlotte would recommend any young student - if offered the opportunity - to do Rotary student exchange.

When Charlotte arrived back home she was focussed on completing her studies so that she could see the world. After high school she went to university and studied law and even got the opportunity to do an exchange to Canada during this time.

After graduating in law Charlotte practiced in International property law, then worked in family law for 8–9 months. It was during her time at the local law court that she decided that she wanted to become a judge and started working at the Court of Appeal as a junior judge overseeing criminal cases, family law and custody hearings. Charlotte now lives in a town called Härnösand. This locality is the seat of Härnösand Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden with 17,556 inhabitants in 2010. It is called "the gate to the High Coast" because of the world heritage landscape just a few miles north of Härnösand. Härnösand is the seat of the Diocese of Härnösand. Charlotte lives across the road from her local court and her partner Malte travels to the Court of Appeal, which is a 45 minute drive away.

Charlotte reflects on her time spent in Australia often. Last time she visited Australia was in 2011 but she hopes to be able to travel here soon and bring her partner. One of her many special memories is the Rock to Reef trip she  went on in Australia.

2017 Charlotte Svensson Update 


After after a wonderful year in Australia I returned to Sweden and continued to study in English, by starting the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The year in Australia truly inspired me and made me more driven to study, since I had seen what the world had to offer.  After two years, in 2011 I received my IB Diploma and went straight to law school at Uppsala University, which is the oldest University in Sweden and located 40 minutes north of Stockholm.

During my time at university I went for a second exchange in another Commonwealth country, namely, Canada.  I studied law at Queen's University, Kingston for one semester.  It was great to be an exchange student again.

I did an internship at the Ministry of Justice in Stockholm, right before graduating from Law School and receiving my Masters of Laws in January  2017.  The photo to the right is from my graduation, with my mother, father , brother and his partner.

Currently I'm working as a lawyer, mainly with family law.  In October 2017 I start as a clerk at a local court in Stockholm.

I have never regretted my exchange, it has brought me and my family, many good friends and memories for life.  I love when friends from exchange visit me and when I visit them.

The last time I wen back to Australia and Corowa was 2011-12 and I hope that I will soon have the opportunity for another trip.

The exchange never stops, it only continues.

Outside of work I continued my music lesson, which I also did in Australia.  Over the last ten years, I have been singing in two different choirs and enjoying it.

I have also continued to travel and over the last few years I been to work in Italy, travelled to Bali and Spain with my Australian friend from high school and met up with other exchange students in Barcelona, backpacking in the US and showing my Swedish hoods for Australian friends and family.  Quite recently I had two host sisters - Vanessa and Catherine - visiting me and it was amazing to welcome them to my home.


2017-03-02 Charlotte Svensson


We have also had news from Charlotte Svensson, a former exchange student from Sweden. Charlotte has received her Degree of Master of Law, with 270 credits. Charlotte tells us that her aim is to work for the Swedish Government somewhere in the world “We will see where my Degree takes me”.


Good Luck Charlotte!

Below are some photos Charlotte's year in Corowa as well as some of her after returning to Sweden.