2011-12 - Axel Klein - Nancy, France

2017-03-30 Axel Klein


Our former Exchange Student, Axel Klein, who was with us from Nancy, France during the 2011-2012 Rotary Year has just graduated from the University of Montreal, Canada, having studied Journalism.

Axel’s parents, Rachel and Eric have the chance to do a lot of travelling in the future. Axel’s older brother, Thomas is living in Beijing, China, after having studied International Business and Axel now living in Canada.

We wish Axel and his family well 


Axel’s Final Presentation.


Axel arrived here from Nancy, France on 17/7/2011 and will leave on 7/7/2012. His first host family was the Laws where he demonstrated his French cooking. It didn’t always turn out as expected. He then learnt about Aussie BBQ’s at the Carrington’s. His favourite animals are roos, koalas, crocs and spiders. The highlights of his stay were the weekends at Dookie, climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge, fishing and surfing lessons at Ocean Grove and the 6 day trip to Sydney – Canberra – Batemans Bay. Going to the Australian Open tennis and the District Conference was amazing and awesome. Likes – Tim Tams, Pies and rowing. He intends to keep rowing when he returns home. He has taken 8579 photos so far. We wish him all the best for the future.


 2012-05-03 Axel Klein – Safari

Axel was our guest speaker and gave his account of Rockadu (rock to Kakadu) – formerly known as Rock to Reef. Sixteen days on a bus from Melbourne to Darwin with mainly girls. Imagine the chatter!

Some of the highlights of the trip –

 5 a.m. starts (Axel didn’t know that 5 a.m. existed)

 No idea about how to pitch a tent.

 Walked 9 km around Uluru

 Played a didgeridoo

 Flew over Kings Canyon.

 Swam in the hot spring at Mataranka.

 Saw a crocodile but wouldn’t get close

 Can now pitch a tent with ease.


 Had a really good time and made new friends. 

2012-02-02 Axel Klein

Exchange student Axel gave an account of his first 6 months in Australia after his arrival in July.

He demonstrated his cooking ability with his first host family by cooking quiche Lorraine, a typical French dish (considered by many here to be somewhat akin to chook food). At Dookie he met other exchange students and formed many ongoing friendships. Some of the highlights of his stay so far are – climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge – a weekend in Melbourne to see the soccer – surfing at Ocean Grove – attending the tennis in Melbourne – New Years eve fireworks in Corowa – has taken about 3000 photos. He also ate jelly for the first time!!!


Axel and V.P. David – a pair of larrikins?

2011-11-17 Axel Klein – Our boy from Nancy

 Exchange student Axel gave a very professional and detailed presentation. He hailes from Nancy (pronounced nonsi), a city of 106,000 with an area of 15 sq. km of high rise units. In his slide show and talk, Axel described his home town of Nancy in the province of Lorraine in north east France. He also referred to his sponsor Rotary Club of Nancy Ducale, his family life, sporting interests and the geography and climate of his part of France.

Like Corowa, Nancy is a river town and is on the enchanting Moselle which flows from the Voges Mountains northwards to meet the Rhine at Koblenz in Germany. Axel’s favourite French cuisine features croissants, baguettes and (not surprisingly) quiche Lorraine! In Australia, however, he favours meat pies, Tim Tams, pink iced cup cakes and ginger beer!!

He has a brother and a sister. The school he attended in Nancy has 2000 students and 300 teachers. Can you believe that back home in Nancy, Axel has the opportunity to choose from six languages including the old classic languages of Greek, Hebrew and Latin - as well as other European languages - in his course of study. Here, languages are not such a high priority so Axel is appreciating a range of different subjects with plenty of sporting opportunities and the chance to form new friendships.

Axel, over his 12 months in Corowa, is being hosted by four Rotary families. It must be a novelty living is a house with a front and back yard and garden as back home his family shares a renovated factory with nine other families! As a township, Nancy is compact and high rise, with a population in excess of 100,000 in an area of 15 sq km.

Axel has recently experienced a six day mini safari trip to Sydney, the south coast of NSW and Canberra. Over the first weekend in December, he meets with other students, the District exchange committee and Rotarian counsellors at the Melbourne University Campus, Dookie. In March, along with the other District exchange students, he will participate in the Aussie Safari to Uluru and other places of significance in the centre of Australia.

Axel participates fully in the life and projects of Corowa Rotary Club. If you want to meet him and brush up on your French – or see how good his English is – introduce yourself at one of the Rotary Club’s regular “Sangers on Sanger Street” Saturday morning BBQs. His favourite foods are pies, cup cakes and ginger beer.


Picture: Axel presenting V.P David Potts with banner of the Rotary Club of Nancy Ducale.