2013-14 - Louise Wettenlundh - Stockholm, Sweden

Louise Wettenlundh 


Louise now works as a guide at Langley Hotel La Bruneri in the French Alps.

2014-06-27 Louise Does Her Debut

Friday the 27th of June 2014 was a momentous day for our current exchange student, Louise.

It was her last day as an Aussie high school student as she will return home at the end of the school holidays and she then spent the afternoon busily preparing for the Anglican Debutante Ball with hair, make-up and photos. Louise and her partner Sam Kleis had been practicing for many weeks and along with all the other Debutantes they were very excited and nervous.

Louise looked gorgeous in a one shouldered, chiffon draped A-line gown with lace detail on the shoulder. She was partnered by a very dashing Sam, a friend and fellow student at Corowa High School.

There were twenty debutantes and it was good to see the Memorial Hall filled to capacity with family and friends as they were presented to the Rev. Rex Everett and his wife Neta.


The young couples looked stunning, performed their dances perfectly and the dance floor remained crowded as all those who attended went on to enjoy the band and have a great night.

2014-06-12 Louise Wetterlundh

This week’s speaker was our Swedish Exchange Student Louise. This was Louise’s “Farewell” talk. She has been here for nearly a year and Louise took this opportunity to talk to the club about her time in Australia and to thank all the people who made it possible. Louise arrived in Australia on the 26th July 2013. Her first host family was the Miegels, then the Laws and finally the Cann’s. She has enjoyed being here in Corowa (even though at times she missed her family) and has travelled to all the states and territories in our country.

A few highlights of her time here were:

District Exchange Safari around Australia

Making new and lifelong friends

Eating new foods

Going to a different school

Attending Dookie

And hundreds of other wonderful moments


Louise has taken over 15,000 photos and has her own blog of her time here. She was very emotional during her talk and she thanked all the members of the club for hosting her.


Louise Wetterlundh –

Inbound Swedish Exchange Student

This week’s speaker was our Inbound Exchange Student - Louise Wetterlundh from Sweden. Louise spoke about Sweden, her herself and her family. Louise is aged 17 and her sponsor club is Stockholm Grand. Stockholm Grand was chartered in 1926 and was the first Rotary club in Sweden. They meet every Tuesday at the Stockholm Grand Hotel and included The Swedish King, Gustaf 16th as a member. Louise talked about Sweden its culture (ABBA & IKEA) and the demographics of the country. (Population, Government and Geography.)

Louise lives in a suburb of Stockholm named Taby and her home is in a place called Nasbypark. Nasbypark is part of the Stockholm archipelago and is close to the lakes, forest and the city. Her family consists of her Dad (Frederick), Mum (Charlotte) and Sister (Ebba). She mentioned her grandfathers are also Rotarians and her Dad was a Rotary exchange student to Perth. Louise loves to be active and has a passion for dance, skiing, photography and her youth group at her local church. She is an active leader and very studious. She loves to travel and has a philosophy that her life is like a “backpack” and her aim is to fill that backpack with memories and adventures by travelling and experiencing all life has to offer!

In the future she wishes to travel, volunteer, work the ski resorts, go to university, study Law and be an old lady full of adventures and stories. Louise thanked our Rotary Club for hosting her and her host families. She is very happy to be in Corowa and has settled into the

town, school and Rotary life well.





(Sponsor Club: Stockholm Grande)

Louise arrived last Friday the 26th July.

She has started school and is in Year 11 at Corowa High School and she will be speaking to the Club in September sometime.