2014-15 - Suzanna Mora - Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

Suzanna Mora 2014-15 - from Boario Terme., Italy.  


Upon returning home Suzanna finished high school and went onto University in Milan to study Industrial Chemistry

2015-07-02 Presidents Muscat 2015-16

The Presidents Muscat for 2015-16 was bottled on Saturday 27th June. Susi's father, mother and brother - Gianmarco, Renata, Valerio - and Susanna Mora were invited along to experience this onerous task, as was new Rotarian Harry, but unfortunately all except Susi were more interested in catching up on their sleep.


To bottle 9 dozen only takes 1 hour with an assembly line of 4 or 5 people. This year’s release has a Stelvin Seal and so that shortened the assembly line even further. Susi is very experience at the sealing procedure as she says it is her job in her Grandmother’s cosmetic factory.

2015-06-18 Suzi Mora – Exchange Student Italy


This week was Susi’s final guest speaker appearance at our Club. Susi has been a wonderful exchange student (the best Italian ever), fitting into Corowa Rotary life very quickly, joining in to be the life of many Rotary functions and helping with working bees (she cooks a mean hamburger), dinner meetings or whatever was asked of her.

Susi’s Speech 

G’day everyone!

I can’t believe I just have a few more weeks to spend in Australia! I didn’t even realize how fast the time has gone and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. This year has definitely been the year of my life, which changed me so much, making me a more mature and independent person. Someone once said that an exchange is a whole life in one year and I couldn’t agree more. This year has been full of new and different things and I can honestly say that none of them have been negative.

I discovered many new aspects of myself that I didn’t even know existed, such as the ability to fit in a different culture all by myself. I’ve always been a shy girl. I was never the one that stands up to say her opinion, but I used to be the one that agrees with what the others say, without caring much about it. Thanks to this beautiful and great experience I’m not that kind of girl anymore. Now I finally stand up for myself, I say what I think (obviously without offending anyone) and I have gained the self-confidence I was missing. I’m a totally new person and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for the changes I’ve made.

Since I was 8 years old, I always wanted to go on exchange, especially to Australia. I was introduced to this idea by one of my mum’s friends, who had been abroad too. She started telling me about her exchange just for fun, but then when she realised I was really interested in it, she started being more serious about me going on exchange and then she introduced me to Rotary. At first I wanted to go on exchange for six months, but my sponsor club just offered the whole year option. To be honest, I was very scared to leave my home for an entire year, because back in the days it seemed such a long time, but now I know it’s not long at all. The first three months I was here, the time passed pretty slowly, but after that, when I had settled in it just flew like a flash. It seems like yesterday when I first arrived here and I really don’t want to accept the idea that I’ll leave in three weeks.

My adventure started on the 16th of July, when I said goodbye to my parents for the last time and boarded my plane for Melbourne. I finally arrived at the airport after 22 long hours, full of excitement and fear, but the latter disappeared as soon as I met my councillor, Gail, who welcomed me with a beautiful sign and a Sydney Swans’ scarf, which instantly became my favourite footy team. I remember I was so nervous to meet my first host family, the Overends, and as we travelled back to Corowa, I pestered Gail with questions about them. They proved to be an amazing family, very intriguing and hilarious. I stayed at their place for just 6 weeks, but I will never ever forget about them.

Since then I’ve been with two other host families, the Potts and the Miegels, where I still am now. I’ve been very lucky with my host families, because they all have been so lovely, caring and much fun. It’s been an amazing opportunity to live life as part of the family rather than as an intruder and experience the true Aussie lifestyle.

I might say that the school (CHS) has been the adventure of the whole adventure! I remember I couldn’t sleep the night before the first day. I was so scared and nervous to meet all my peers and especially I was tormented by the thought that I would have been alone without any friends, but everything sorted out happily and now I “love” going to school just to see all my friends.

My host parents and other Rotarians took me to lots of different and new places and I have also been camping with friends. I’ve been lucky enough to have the best three weeks of my life during the Safari (Rock To Reef) with my fellow exchange students. We went to lots of interesting places and to the most iconic sites of Australia, such as Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef and we created lifelong friendships.

This Saturday, my (real) parents are coming to Australia for two weeks. They know I really don’t want to leave my new country and that’s why they’re coming: they want to make sure I will go home! I’m very excited to see them after a whole year, but I’m very sad at the same time, because it means that my exchange is over and I’ll head home with them. I’m looking forward for you to meet them at the change over dinner next Thursday and I apologise in advanced for their bad English. When I’m back at home, I’ll have lots of study to do in order to catch up all the topics my fellow classmates have done at school while I was here. It’s going to be hard, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy my study knowing that studying a whole year of high school in just a month and a half has been totally worth it, after my fantastic year in Australia.

I would like to thank Rotary for the amazing and unforgettable opportunity it has given to me, because without it I would still be at home with my all-day very boring life so I must say that Rotary has saved me. I would do this over and over again.

I will never ever forget about you all and you will always have a special place in my heart.



2015-04-23 Susanna Mora – Rock to Reef Slide Show

The meeting for April 23 was to be Susi’s slide show of her Rock to Reef trip. It was an interesting insight into her view of Australia, with many interesting sights and lots of pictures of her travelling companions, new lifelong friends.  

Rock to Reef is one of the Projects of Youth Exchange. A three week trip through central Australia and the across to the Barrier Reef, and finally home through Sydney. A great experience for the exchangees and they probably see more of Australia than we have!

2015-02-12 Susi Mora – Italian Exchange Student’s Year So Far

Our Exchange student, Susi, filled us in on her activities so far this year. Susi was a little bit nervous but made a great speech with the help of her slide presentation.

Susi certainly has been about, when over the school holidays she spent Christmas on the Sunshine Coast and then to the Gold Coast in Queensland and the travelled along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.


 The most interesting thing, I thought, was her three visits to Dubbo Zoo with three different families and two trips to Coonabarabran. Susi thinks she could easily become a guide for the zoo and I, personally, could think of a lot worse careers than that. 

2014-11-27 Susi at Mittagundi

Mittagundi is an outdoor education centre established with the belief that young people, mountains, purposeful work and challenges are natural partners. Mittagundi is situated on a 400 acre property near the old gold mining town of Glen Valley, on the Upper Mitta Mitta River, north of Omeo, VIC.


The main purpose of Mittagundi is to provide programs for young people (14 to 17) to explore Victoria’s high country and themselves. They spend time bush walking, camping, abseiling from nearby cliffs, rafting the Mitta Mitta river and helping to run a pioneer style farm. The atmosphere at Mittagundi is simple, honest and happy. There are no watches, no timetables and no money. Instead there is an opportunity for young people to live and work together in an environment where people matter more than anything else. 

2014-08-21  Susi Mora ~ Exchange Student 

Our charming Italian exchange student, Susi, was the guest speaker this week. Susi told us all about Italy, where it is in relation to Australia and in particular, she told us about the Province of Brescia and her home town Darfo Boario Torme.

Susi is the daughter of Gianmarco (an engineer) and Renata (a teacher and cosmetics manufacturer), and she has a younger brother Valerio, 13 years old.

Before coming to Australia she attended school at the Instituto di Istruzione Sup. Olivelli-Putelli. This is an academic school and Susi hopes to continue her studies towards becoming a doctor.


The Rotary Club of Lovere-Iseo-Breno, District 2050, is her sponsor club. 


2014-08-07 Dinner Badge Presentation

Susi has settled in well with the Overend family and is really one of us now, as President Gary Poidevin has presented her with her dinner badge.

 2014-07-15 An Introduction to Susi

I would like to introduce you to our newest exchange student- Susanna “Susi” Mora, who has arrived this week from Italy.

Susi is 16 years old and lives in Darfo Boario Terme, in the province of Brescia, in the north of Italy. Susi is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lovere-Iseo-Breno.

The first family to host are the Overends, and I am sure that Craig & Danielle will assure you what a lovely young lady Susi is, just as I have found her to be.

We will hear more about Susi during her first presentation to our club on August 28.