2016-17 Emma Jepsen - Rejsby, Denmark

2019-01-09 Emma Jepsen – former exchange student


Last week saw the return of another of our former exchange students Emma Jepsen from Denmark. Emma came back to Australia to see friends and have a small break from her studies over the Xmas break. We held a BBQ at Rotarian Gary’s (one of her host families) on the 4th January. It was great to catch up with Emma and hear how she has been post her exchange in 2016-17.

Pictured: Emma with former host father Rtn Paul Miegel

2017-06-29 Emma’s Deb Ball



What a wonderful night Emma had with her friends at St. John’s Presentation Ball. Sadly today (Tues July 2) Emma heads home to her family.


Pictured: Emma and her friend Hayley

 2017-06-22 Exchange Student Emma Jepson

This was not only Emma’s final presentation to our club but her final meeting also. Emma thanked all of her host families and all of the people who have made her stay such a great experience. Having arrived on 25/7/16, she fitted into school well.

Along with her new best friend Hayley and her family, Emma visited King Island, just off the coast of Tasmania, where she learned about the beautiful King Island Dairy products - the cheeses that Emma loves and the beautiful King Island beef that is so deliciously served up at many of our wonderful restaurants here in Australia. She also got to see the Fairy Penguins on the beaches in the evening.

Another memorable trip for Emma was to Mittagundi, in the Victorian High Country, with the other inbound exchange students. This trip involved roughing it, with no mobile phones or watches, and having to hike 3 days to the camp site.

The Rock to Reef safari was an exciting 3 weeks travelling with students from 2 districts around Australia. They went to Adelaide then on to Coober Pedy, Uluru and Alice Springs. It was here in “the Alice” that Emma had her first real experience with a snake. The huge Python that was only supposed to go around the group on their shoulders, decided to wrap itself around Emma and get tangled in her hair!! Her favourite place was the Kings Canyon - a beautiful spot in the Northern Territory that shows the “Red Centre” of Australia at its best.

In Queensland, out from Cairns was another great experience - to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. Emma took a 15 minute introductory dive and enjoyed that so much that she went on another 45 minute dive. Sea sickness was just a small problem, with lots of other things to take it off her mind.

Due to Cyclone Debbie, they had an extra 2 days at Cairns, were not able to call into Airlie Beach and spent 1 extra day at Byron Bay. It was quite wet, like camping in water tents and every one was having trouble getting their clothes dry, but things got better as they were able to go to a Jazz Festival. The light house at Byron Bay is the most easterly part of the Australian Mainland.

The bus left for Sydney at 10pm a day early and they arrived in Sydney on Good Friday. There was very little to do that day, as everything was closed for the public holiday. This was a good chance to catch up with the many Danes on the bus, but unfortunately they all had difficulty speaking Danish as they had become so comfortable speaking English. In Sydney Emma admired the usual iconic views - including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Christmas was the hardest time, as Christmas in summer just doesn’t seem right. Wmma gets home, the family will have Chrismas in July and then she will also get to meet her new nephew - what a lovely Chistmas present he will be!

Emma made a similar presentation to the students at her school - Corowa High School - where she has been well accepted and will be missed by all of the many friends she has made throughout her stay here, especially her good friend Hayley. One last dream for Emma is, at a later date, to be able to bring her family to Australa to meet her new friends and host parents, so they too may thank the Rotary Club for this wonderful year. Emma had some advice for future exchange students:  “Say yes to everything. You never know just what will be offered for you to do, and how interesting the seemingly most mundane things can be."

For her future, Emma is considering Legal Studies - something that wasn’t on her horizon before coming to Australia, but something she has really enjoyed studying here.

At the end of the evening Acting President John presented Emma with some Banners to take home to her sponsor Club and also one for herself.


For a final highlight in Australia, Emma is going to make her Debut at the St. John’s Presentation Ball on Friday night, June 30th. This is not a custom of Denmark, but will be a lovely way for her to finish her year with her friends here in Australia.


2017-06-01 Corowa Rotary Club Changeover Dinner



A presentation was made to our Exchange student Emma, who only has four weeks left in Corowa before she heads home to her hometown Rejsby, Denmark.

Rotarians, Robyn and Margaret made an exquisite quilted wall hanging for Emma and a Quilted table runner for her parents as a reminder of her time here in Corowa and Australia. She has attended almost every meeting of our Club, has been a great ambassador for her sponsor Rotary Club, Tondor and also for Denmark.

I am sure we will all miss her when she heads home on July 5th.

2017-04-25 Rotary Youth Exchange – Emma


Emma has also marched with Corowa High School for Anzac Day. It was a cold and wet day but the tradition must go on. 



2017-04-20 Rotary Youth Exchange – Emma


9 months down 3 to go !!!

Emma has been travelling again, this time to the Grampians with her host family- Peter, Cassandra and Olivia Hughes


Pictured: Emma with Olivia Hughes

2017-04-06 Rotary Youth Exchange – Emma



Emma is home from Rock to Reef and appears to have had a great time. Here is one photo of Emma swimming on our wonderful Great Barrier Reef. 


2017-03-23 Emma on safari

Our Emma is on the road again, this time on the 9790 Rock to Reef trip. Some of us know just how exciting this trip is and we hope Emma really enjoys it.

With a little bit of luck Cyclone Debbie will have settled down by the time they reach Cairns and the trip down the coast will be memorable for all the right reasons.

The Rock to Reef trip is travelling along nicely, having entered the Northern Territory. After taking in the sights of Uluru and then Alice Springs, they have learnt about Aboriginal culture and bush tucker and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

The students donated $98.15 to the RDFS, which is usually made up of fines from along the trip. 

2016-12-15  Exchange Student Emma.


Emma gave us a rundown of the things she has been doing over the last few months. The highlight was the trip to Mittagundi with the other inbound exchange students. This is a time away with no watches, phones and very little bathing, but lots of fun was had by all.

A hike in the rain to camp out for a couple of days was also an unexpected adventure with plenty of Australian wildlife to view on the way and the most unlikely challenge (for Emma, anyway) of abseiling down a cliff face.  Back at the camp there was cooking and cleaning to be done so Emma also took a hand at both picking the current crops and planting the seedlings for food for a future group of participants.

It was lovely for Emma to have her friend Hayley and our outgoing exchange student Sarah at the dinner meeting to lend some moral support. Emma has also managed a trip to Melbourne to catch up with her new exchange student friends and is lucky enough to be heading to King Island with Hayley and her family for a holiday over the Christmas school holiday break.

The Chairman for the night, Graeme Campbell, presented Emma with a small gift in appreciation of the effort she put into slide show and talk.


2016-09-22 Youth Exchange - Emma


President Meredith and Paul have taken Emma to Melbourne for a visit to the Royal Melbourne Show. After visiting the show there was a quick trip along the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles and The Grotto

After a long day of driving along the Great Ocean Road, most people have run out of steam by the time they reach the Grotto. If there was ever a situation where the statement of saving the best for last was true, this would be it. Among all the rock formations, the Grotto is perhaps the most enchanting. It it not quite a blowhole, not quite an arch, and not quite a cave – but it’s a bit of everything.

The Grotto is a naturally carved out cave which stands up about halfway from sea level up the cliff. The paved pathway leads to a decked staircase that descends into a viewing area that is blocked off by a wall, preventing access further into the Grotto. What lies beyond is an area covered with smooth boulders that leads to rock pools carved out in the worn but jagged edged limestone. The best view of the Grotto is from beyond the wall and looking in.


2016-09-29  Youth Exchange – Emma’s Latest Trip


Our Youth Exchange student Emma has been on the move again.

This seems to be a very frequent happening for her lately, which is a good thing, as she is seeing a lot of Australia.

This trip was to Deniliquin to the “Deni Ute Muster” with the Corowa Search and Rescue Squad.

It was a bit wet and muddy this year but Emma says it was great fun

Pictured here are Three Kangaroos an Aussie and a Great Dane. 

2016-09-15  Emma Jepsen – Denmark

Emma is our new exchange student, having arrived in Australia from Denmark on 25th July.

Emma comes from a small town, Rejsby, of only 365 people. (This makes Corowa a big town, by Emma’s standards) which is 45 mins from the German border and she is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tonder.

Emma’s school is in Tonder, and she would be in Gymnasium now (Like a senior high school years 10-12) if she were at home, travelling to school by train for 45 mins each way.

Wearing a uniform to school in Corowa makes it much easier to decide what to wear each day and another major difference in the schooling is that the students don’t move from room to room for classes like we do here. Also the schooling is much less formal in Denmark and showing less respect with the teachers being called by their first names. A special friend, Hayley has been helping Emma with the Aussie slang and other more things more difficult to understand. Hayley and our outgoing exchange student Sarah both attended our meeting to give support and to hear Emma’s speech.

Emma’s Dad, Klaus who works for the shipping company DHL and Mother, Jonna an English teacher, have two other children - Julie 21 years old and Thomas 9 years old.

We were told of some of the things Denmark is known for are the green countryside, castles, Lego and of course Princess Mary.

Emma is enjoying the food here in Australia, especially the pies, but she is finding our bread a little boring, just white and fluffy, not like the good solid dark rye breads of home.

Host Dad, Wally, is impressed with Emma’s school results as she has done extremely well in an English exam, and he has also been taking her travelling. Emma cannot believe it can take two days to go from one state to another (NSW -QLD) when it only takes her three hours to get to Copenhagen from home, which is one side of Denmark to the other.

During question time after her talk, Emma stated that she is enjoying life in Corowa, being able too sleep-in in the mornings and only walk having to walk 2 blocks to get to school. 

2016-09-01  Student Exchange - Emma


Our exchange student Emma has started travelling.

This is her first big trip and she has headed off to Sunshine Coast in Queensland with her host parents Wally & Lyn. They are staying will Warwick and Kris and family at Alexandra Hedland.


The weather should be quite a bit warmer and Emma may get her first taste of the Pacific Ocean and the crisp white sands of the Queensland’s Coastline. 

2016-08-25  Student Exchange - Emma


Our exchange student Emma was presented with her Corowa Rotary Club T-shirt at the meeting. All of our students receive one, so they can be recognised as part of the Rotary Family, when helping at the Market, BBQ’s or working bees.

Emma was in Dookie on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th August, for the first time with the new Inbounds and Outbounds from our District 9790.

This is an important weekend of training and preparation for our Outbounds, who will be heading overseas in January. 

2016-07-28  Exchange Students – Emma and Sarah


It was good to have our new exchange student Emma Jepsen along to her first meeting in Corowa. Emma is pictured here sitting next to her counsellor Robyn and sitting opposite Emma is our next outgoing exchange student Sarah Hughes and her parents Cassandra & Peter. 

2016-07-21 Welcome Emma Jepsen – Our New Exchange Student


Our new exchange student Emma Jepsen arrived at Tullamarine Airport on Monday afternoon, July 25th, from Denmark. Emma is pictured here with her first host parents Lyn and Wally along with President Meredith and Paul.

We all look forward to meeting Emma very soon. 

2016-06-30 Youth Exchange – Emma Jepsen

On July 24th Emma Jepsen will be arriving for a year of youth exchange in Corowa. Coming from her home town Rejsby, Sonderjylland, a town in the Southern Region of Denmark. Emma is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tønder.

There are the 198 students due to leave Denmark shortly on Youth Exchange