2018-19 - Benoit Turmeau - Courtillers, France

2019-06-26 Benoit Turmeau

This week's speaker was Benoit Turmeau, our inbound French Exchange Student. Benoit spoke to the club about his Year on Exchange. Ben arrived in Australia on 11th July last year and has spent a year in Corowa and travelling around Australia' He has had 4 very generous host families - Meredith & Paul Miegel, Gail & John Law, Deb & Guy Rowe and Gary & Chris Poidevin - and his councillor was Neil Davis. During his time in Australia, he attended Corowa High School as a Year11l12 student. Ben stated that it was a dream come true to come to Australia and it surpassed all his expectations.

Ben spoke about how fast his year went and the adventures he has had. He has travelled to every state in Australia, except WA and the Rock to Reef was one of the highlights of his time here. The Rock to Reef saw him travel for 3 weeks with his fellow Exchange students around the country and he visited many of our iconic landmarks and towns/cities. He particularly loved the Helicopter flight over Kings Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef.

Benoit talked about the people he has meet and the friends he has made. He played soccer in Albury, beat Chris Gillard at squash (numerous times!!), watched his beloved Richmond Tigers win at the MCG, made many crepes for host families, friends and the club and attended the Rotary Convention in Melbourne. There were too many adventures to talk about but he stated that he has made friends for life and memories he will always treasure.

During his time in Australia he turned 18 and one of his many highlights was his 18'"-Birthday Party thrown by his host parents Deb and Guy. He was very grateful to our club for the presents and helping him during his year.

Ben ended his talk by thanking the Rotary Club of Corowa for hosting him and for all the opportunities he has been given. He thanked his host families and all his friends for their time and support in making this year one of the best of his life so far. He also thanked his councillor Neil for looking after him and helping him make this year a great one. Acting President Gary thanked Benoit for being a great exchange student and representing his sponsor Club so excellently.

2019-04-03 Benoit’s 18th 


To celebrate Ben's 18th birthday, host mum Deb arranged ..... not one ..... but two parties for him.

For the first party, Ben invited many friends from school, sporting teams and youth exchange to come, sleep over and help him celebrate.

Members and Friends of the Rotary Club, their partners and other families who had shown Ben hospitality were invited to the second party. Deb had arranged a magnificent birthday cake - in red, white and blue of course - and had prepared a veritable feast for all attendees to enjoy.  

The Club extends to Ben our very best wishes for his special birthday and many thanks to host parents Guy and Deb for their generous hospitality.

2019-01-09 Benoit Turmeau


Ben has been having a great time holidaying in Dromana, south of Melbourne. He has been holidaying with a

fellow exchange student and his host family. He will be back next week.

2018-10-31 Benoit Turmeau

This week’s speaker was our French Exchange Student, Benoit Turmeau. Benoit or Ben as he has become to be known, spoke to the Rotary Club about his first 3 months in Australia and his family back in France. He is from Sable sur Sarthe, near Le Mans. His town is about 12,500 people. His father is Xavier and he is house painter. He likes to fish and Ben used to go fishing with him when he was younger. His mother is Nathalie and she is a nurse with disabled people and works with older people with Alzheimer's. He also has a brother and sister and a brother–in–law.

With his friends, Ben likes to play sport (soccer and basketball), watch movies, or for holidays they rent an apartment at the sea for 1 week. In France, Ben practices athletics but he has played handball for 10 years. His family, especially his father, loves to cook and one of his favourites is Rillettes  - a preparation of meat similar to pâté. Made with pork, the meat is chopped, salted heavily and cooked slowly in fat and is eaten with bread.

Ben attends Saint Anne Catholic Collage, which during the Second World War, was a Nazi hospital. The school has approx. 300 students.

His Rotary Club of Sable sur Sarthe has 26 members and was chartered in 1956. The club has a contact with another club in Germany, Buckeburg, for 50 years. Every year there is an exchange - once in France and the next year in Germany. The Rotary Club has many projects including; Shelter Box, "Mobile it” and financing €30,000 in 5 years to buy two transport vehicles for the elderly and disabled. They also hold a Malhaire golf tournament every year in summer with the money raised used to buy present for disadvantage people. They are heavily involved with Rotary Exchange.

Pictured: Ben presenting President Bill with the banner of the Rotary Club of Sable sur Sarthe

2018-10-10 Benoit’s Surfing Adventure 


Ben has been on school holidays and is currently with the Delaney family travelling along on the coast. He tried surfing but he found it hard to stand up at first. He was excited to surf but was a bit scared of the waves at the start. He has had a great holiday but back to school soon!!

2018-09-12 Ben


Ben has been touring around Australia with the Miegel’s and the Cann’s. He has been to: Mungo NP, Broken Hill, Daydream Mine, Silverton, Mad Max Museuem, Bunyeroo Gorge, Flinder’s Rangers, Mundi Mundi, Eldee Station, Parachilna, Wangarra Lookout, Sacred Canyon, and Tununda…

Back to reality soon Ben!!


Pictured: Ben with host sister Vanessa Miegel

2018-08-22 Benoit


Ben has had an eventful 2 weeks. He has attended his first Dookie weekend and has met all the other Inbound exchange students. Ben has been to CHS Variety Night, he will be starting soccer again soon and is going to attend a training session for AFL in Corowa.

He went to Mansfield Zoo and fed a lot of kangaroos and he tried his first Chicken Parma. (Which he likes!) He found some French food in Australia, “choucroute”.



2018-08-08 What’s Ben been up to?


Benoit has been busy the last few weeks. He has settled into life in Corowa well and is enjoying Australia. He has played his first game of soccer at school and he has been practicing kicking a footy with his host father Rot. Paul. He also is off to Wangaratta to visit his fellow exchange students. (Nicolo from Italy and Andre from Brazil)

Ben also visited the Federation Cinema to see 2 movies, Jurassic World 2 and Antman and The Wasp. He also ventured to Rutherglen for Chinese and discovered he likes our dim sims. (fried… not steamed!!)

Ben has also been running around Corowa for practise and to keep in shape. His host mum Rot. Meredith has also taken him on bike rides. Hopefully, as we approach summer, Ben will try a few more sports like tennis, rowing and cricket.

2018-07-25 BEN’s 1st WEEK



It has been a week since Ben arrived in Australia and already he has seen and done a lot. Ben has been to Parker’s Pies a few times, even trying and liking the Kangaroo pie! He walked to Lake Moodemere, visited Pfeiffer’s Winery, the Chocolate Factory and Frank Leahy’s collection of things. He even started at Corowa High School in Year 11, where he will study English, Modern History and Economics.


Pictured: Ben in school uniform!!



President Bill formally welcomed our new Exchange student, Benoit. Ben (as he wants to be called) is from France and arrived in Australia early in the morning last Friday 13th July.  He was met by Rtns Paul and Meredith, who will be his first host parents. After spending a few days  with him in Melbourne, visiting such sights as the Aquarium and Eureka Tower, they all returned to Corowa via the Healesville Sanctuary. Ben’s counsellor, Rotarian Neil Davis, took him out to visit President Bills property at Coreen, where he saw his first kangaroos!!

Ben lives in Courtillers a small town near Le Mans which 3 hours from Paris. His Rotary District is 1510 in FRANCE. He likes sport, mainly soccer, handball, athletics - running. He also likes food and nature.

Coming to Australia was a childhood dream of his and his first impression when he arrived was: "the cold, because for me Australia rhymes with warmth. But despite the cold I had a great time, for example: the football game with Paul, the good evening meals made by Meredith and the Kangaroo chase with Bill and Neil.”

Ben is looking forward to his year in Australia and with our Rotary club. Welcome to our club Benoit!!

2018-04-05 Rotary Youth Exchange – Benoit Turmeau

Rtn Meredith announced that our next inbound exchange student will be Benoit Turmeau from Courtillers. His home village is south west of Paris and is near Nantes and Tours, en route towards Brest on the coast. It has a population of 1,000 people and parts of the village date from the 11th C, including the church. Aged 17 last March, Benoit likes every kind of sport, but mostly athletics and football.