2014 Grace Baker - Sweden

2015-03-05 Exchange Student – Grace Baker

Recently back form 12 months in Sweden, former exchange student Grace Baker was the guest speaker for our club. She was accompanied by her parents Richard and Tammy.

The meeting was chaired by Stephen Apps, who acted as her counsellor while she was overseas. Grace told us all of the exciting things she encountered, with a very interesting PowerPoint slide show

2014-11-20 Grace Baker

Rotary Exchange Student – Grace Baker Hej.

Just a quick update from Sweden. Not that much has been happening since the summer. More exchange students have arrived and all us oldies have shown them all around Stockholm. We had a week break for autumn and my host family took me and a friend to a small village town up north to meet my host mum's family. I got to see a lot more of Sweden especially the farm land and country side. My host parents are both hunters, so we saw a lot of dead moose and deer hanging around. One of the days we were there, we went over to Norway for the day. We tried to fit everything into one day by visiting plenty of museums and churches.

Just last weekend my host Mum took me and another exchange student, Elle, to London for three days. We spent the first full day walking around London, seeing Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

On our second day we went to Madame Tussauds and saw all of the famous wax people, which was a bit weird. We also went on the London Eye and got to see the magnificent view of London. We then went over to the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul's and the Westminster Abby.

On our third day we went to the London Dungeons and learnt all about the history of London. We walked down Oxford street and did a little shopping.

Thanks everyone.


2014-02-13 Letter from our Outbound Exchange Student: Grace Baker

Hi All

Just giving you and the rotary club an update on my time so far in Sweden. I have been here for almost a month already and time is flying by. We arrived on the morning of Sunday 19th of January and I got to meet my family and see the house before they took me on a walk around the neighbourhood then to a little ice rink where we went skating.

I started school the next day, jet lagged and tired but super excited. I now attend YBC, Young Business Creatives, in the IB program. I am not alone though I have Elle, a girl that is also on rotary exchange here in Nacka from Sydney. I don't really remember my first couple days here in Sweden,time just flew by and I was still exhausted. On the first Saturday I went to Louise´s house and got to meet her family. Many other students also came and Patrick, the exchange student that is staying at Louise´s, Fredrick and Charlotte made us lots of amazing Australian food.

In the second week I attended my first rotary meeting. It was a lot different to our rotary meetings back home. We had it for lunch, had a buffet and sat at separate tables. I didn't really know what the presentation was about but I tried had to absorb a bit of the information.

The rest of the second week was spent mostly exploring the amazing city of Stockholm, meeting lots of oldie exchange students from Canada, America, India and heaps of other places. We also spend lot of time having fika in Gamla Stan, which is the oldest and most beautiful part of Stockholm in my opinion. I have also been taken to many sight seeing spots and museums, but I am yet to go to the ABBA museum, which I have to do I have to go to the ABBA museum. My third week here in the amazing land of Sweden was spent in the little town of Bollnas at language camp. I meet some many exchange students from all over Sweden, although many of them were Australia but I did meet some people from New Zealand, one from America and one from Argentina. We did learn a little bit of Swedish and a bit about the Swedish culture, history and government. The locals took us ice fishing, to the local school, a music concert and we went sledding on the last night and we all had great fun and got really wet and cold but a Swedish women made us traditional Swedish pizza which was pretty much just bacon in batter. It was delicious. The 3 hour bus ride home was spent mostly catching up on sleep and looking forward to getting home to our homes in Stockholm.

The next day was Saturday and my family took me to their farm. It was beautiful to see a Sweden that wasn't a city. Their farm house is about 500 years old and it was amazingly beautiful. I guess that is everything that has been happening over here in Sweden. Having an amazing time. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity! Grace

2013-11-28 Grace Baker - Swedish Outbound Exchange Student

This weeks’ speaker was our Outbound Exchange Student, Grace Baker. Grace is heading to Sweden on exchange for the year in 2014. She is staying in Stockholm. She is the eldest of 4 children with 2 younger sisters, Bonnie and Faith and a younger brother, Hamish. Her parents are Richard and Tammy Baker. (nee Ross)

Grace lives on a farm and loves spending time outdoors and with many of her animals. Part of the farm is on the river and she likes to spend a lot of time there in summer. She loves sports especially, horse riding, tennis and hockey. Grace is currently in Year 10 at Corowa High School and she is very active at school being on the SRC and representing the school in sport and debating. Unfortunately, Grace is a North Melbourne Supporter but we wont hold that against her! She loves to go to the footy and support her team. She also likes to read, cook and help on the family farm.

She is going to Sweden on the 18th January and is looking forward to her year away. Grace spoke about how excited she is and that she would miss her family but was looking forward to the many adventures that she will have over next year while on student exchange. She is especially looking forward to meeting new people,  experience a new country, learn a new language and seeing the world. Grace thanked the Rotary Club of Corowa for sponsoring her and she thanked all the club members for welcoming her into the club.

Vice President Stephen also presented Grace with her blazer and wished her all the best with her exchange

PICTURE: Grace with the Chairman for the night Rtn Graeme Campbell.



Grace has been chosen as our Outbound Exchange student for 2014. She is currently in Year 10 at Corowa High School.

She will be speaking to the Club sometime before she leaves.