2017 Sarah Hughes - Angoulême, France

2020-07-15 Sarah Hughes – Fred Taylor Scholarship winner


Past Exchange student Sarah Hughes is now the recipient of the Fred Taylor Scholarship for 2020.


Sarah has started a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at La Trobe University, Wodonga



Sarah would like to work in the area of medical research and she has a particular interest in genetics.

Pictured: Sarah with President Norm O'Flaherty

2018-02-22  Sarah Hughes – A Year in France

Returned exchange student Sarah Hughes chose to go to France for her year away because of its interesting culture, life style and the opportunity to learn a complex foreign language. Sarah illustrated her presentation about her year of experiences and memories with a comprehensive group of pictures.

She had spent a year in Angoulême, France, which is 1 hour NE of Bordeaux, 4 hours south of Paris and 90 minutes from the coast.

Angoulême is a fortified town perched on a rocky spur, and around the heart of the historic centre are more than two kilometres of the ramparts remaining intact, while the boulevards that follow the walls are wide, open streets with good views across the surrounding countryside. 

Sarah was hosted by the Rotary Club of Angoulême les Eaux Claires - an all male Club with 23 members. In a District of over 70 Clubs, the Club promotes many annual events and is an enthusiastic participant in the Rotary Exchange program. The exchange program is seen to be good value for the community and helps with multiculturalism and acceptance at school. The Club meets each Wednesday evening – although not necessarily for dinner. This gives all the current inbound exchange students an opportunity to attend the Club and meet with the members.

While in France, Sarah was hosted by three families. Each family had sent one or two of the children overseas on exchange – Australia, USA, Chile – and Sarah was very fortunate to be staying with congenial hosts and exchange siblings. Her hosts took her to visit many areas, including a trip to Paris and Orleans. She made good friends with an exchange student from India who was staying with her second host family. As schooling in India is very competitive, this lass only stayed in France for a month and a half.

 Sarah attended a private school - Saint Paul High School. The school caters for K – 12, but Sarah was on the senior campus, where there are 500 students. Her school day was long – 8 am till 5.20 pm – with 2 x 20 minute breaks and 1h30m for lunch. However, every Wednesday school finished at noon, which gave her an opportunity to spend time with her friends. She was with one class group for the first 6 months, then changed to a second group for the remainder of her time there (this was due to the European school year organisation). Smoking by the students during the various recess breaks she found a little confronting, but some students did spend their time playing soccer during the lunch break. Having to CHOOSE what to wear each day was new – and she is glad to be back to a uniform again!!

There were many Rotary camps Sarah attended - sometimes there would be one a month – but the highlight was the Euro tour, when 47 students travelled from Bordeaux – Paris – Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin – Prague – Bratislava – Vienna – Slovenia (Postojna) – Venice – Milan – Geneva and back to Bordeaux. All in 15 days, the trip was way too fast for Sarah, and she would relish the opportunity to spend more time in each city. Sarah showed us special photos she had taken – both of landmarks like the Eiffel tower – and of special friends she had made. Sarah reflected on her year, all she had achieved and how she thought she had developed. She felt she had gained in independence, managing things for herself, mastering a difficult second language (in the end) and learning skills to cope with different personalities from a very different culture. She thanked the Rotary Club of Corowa for sponsorship, her Mum and Dad for their support and Rotary International for the opportunity to participate in this unique and special scheme.

President Gary accepted the banner Sarah gave him from the Rotary Club of Angoulême, presented Sarah with a Certificate of Achievement and gave a bottle of the President’s muscat to Cassie and Peter.

2017-04-20 Rotary Youth Exchange - Sarah

3 months down already, 9 to go !!

Our outbound exchange student Sarah is on her Euro Tour and seems to be having a really great time. They say a picture tells one thousand words……Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Days 1 & 2 Paris

Day 3 Brussels

Days 4 & 5 Amsterdam – “Spent a great day riding around Amsterdam and we visited the Anne Frank house. I seriously encourage everyone if they get a chance to visit and hear her story”

Day six Berlin …. The Berlin Wall.

2017-04-06 Outbound - Sarah


Sarah is settling into her new life in Angoulême, France; although she is finding the language a little difficult and the weather a little cold and windy

2016-12-01  Outgoing Exchange Student, Sarah Hughes.

A casual and fun night at the Corowa Whisky & Chocolate Factory was the venue to hear our outgoing exchange student Sarah Hughes talking about her plans for France before she heads off there next month.

Sarah and her parents Peter and Cassandra joined us along with honorary members Robert & Janet Dickins and Bill Bott and Gary brought Chris along and of course our current exchange student Emma attended to see Sarah off.

After a comprehensive talk about her expectations of France and a practice run of her speech to be given to her upcoming host club (although it wasn’t in French), Sarah was presented with her Australian Rotary Blazer by President Meredith.

2016-07-28  Exchange Students – Emma and Sarah


It was good to have our new exchange student Emma Jepsen along to her first meeting in Corowa. Emma is pictured here sitting next to her counsellor Robyn and sitting opposite Emma is our next outgoing exchange student Sarah Hughes and her parents Cassandra & Peter. 

2016-05-Youth Exchange 2017 Sarah Hughes

Our outgoing exchange student for 2017 has been selected and accepted by the 9790 District Youth Exchange Committee. Sarah Hughes of Corowa will be heading off to France and it is certain she will be a suitable ambassador for Corowa Rotary Club, Corowa High School, Corowa district and of course Australia. We will all get to meet Sarah in the near future.

Pictured is Sarah on the left with her twin sister Olivia.