2018 Brydee Lavis - Lahti, Finland

2019-12-11 Brydee Lavis and Jasper Holst


Brydee and Jasper attended the meeting of Bellbridge-Lake Hume Rotary Club’s meeting. It was DG Brian Peter’s official visit and Brydee was representing Rotex. She was presented with a $500 cheque to their charity (DG partners charity) Headspace.

Jasper presented Club President John Haffenden with a banner from his Sponsor Club, Herzogtum Lauenburg-Molln.

Bellbridge-Lake Hume is a small club (13 members) with a lovely atmosphere.

2019-02-20 Brydee Lavis – A Year in Finland

This week our guest speaker was Brydee Lavis. Brydee has spent the last year in Finland as our club’s outbound exchange student. She left in January 2018 and returned a year later. She was based in Lahti (“Giant Bay”) in Finland. She had 3 host families and was lucky enough to have many excellent hosts, who looked after her and made her part of the family. Brydee was one of the only “newbie” students at first and she attended a week long language camp to learn Finish. (One of the hardest languages to learn) As her exchanged continued she became one of the older students and she displayed outstanding leadership qualities in helping them. Brydee travelled to many countries, such as, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Brydee attended school and immersed herself in all aspects of Finnish life. She liked the food and trying new things. Brydee also learnt to ski and loved meeting and making friends from all around the world. She also caught up with Vera on her return home and was happy to see her and her family. Brydee (and her mother Julie) thanked the club for their support and although she was happy to be home she told the club she had the best year of her life so far and would highly recommend the exchange program and Rotary to anyone.

2018-10-10 3rd quarterly report – Brydee Lavis – Finland Exchange Student.


I don’t have a lot to say as not much has happened since my last quarterly report. Lots of school, Finnish lessons and a new host family and we have new newbies in Finland eg. new exchange students.

So just before school holidays ended I moved to my third host family and so far they are amazing. My family consists of my host parents, Kati and Juha Valittu, my host sisters Nelli and Emmi and also the family dog Vili. School and Finnish lessons have been okay.

At school I have been making more and more friends and at Finnish lessons I am learning more and more Finnish. Since all the old exchange students have left we have had about 102 new exchange students arrive in Finland. On the day that the majority of them arrived I was at the airport helping the Rotex greet them and move them to the buses, which took them to their orientation camp. Last weekend I had a district camp with all my newbies but more about that later in the report.

This year in Lahti there have been more exchange students than ever before. There have been 8 students, including me of which 7 go to my school. However, two of these exchange students have already left because their exchange was only for a month. Those two who left were both Germans and they were the best people ever; their names are Helena and Lara Sophie.

The one exchange student that doesn’t go to my school is Saim, he is Canadian and we have been hanging out a lot, we’re good mates now. The last 4 that go to my school are great, I hang out with them fairly often and they’re so much fun to be around. First there is Martina, she is from Argentina, then Catherine, she is from Taiwan, then Lonnie or London, she is from the USA and lastly there is Giacomo who is from Italy. 

Recently I went to the city of Jyväskylä with a bunch of other exchange students in the District 1390. This weekend was one of the best weekends of my exchange because I got to meet and know all my newbies so much better and create unbreakable bonds. We did many things like play games, dance, have a bonfire, go to the sauna and even go swimming in the lake while it was only 12 degrees outside. We even played a mini Finnish Olympics and my team won. The losing team had one of their members get 3 eggs cracked on their head. We had so much fun and we took so many flag photos, which was great and made it very interesting. One of my favourite parts was when I accidently got my boomerang stuck in the tree so we were all throwing balls into the tree to get it down and eventually we did.

Another one of my favourite moments was helping a Rotarian create a short film about all of the exchange students to spread the word about Rotary Youth Exchange. I was brave enough to volunteer to be the interviewer and interview all the exchange students over the weekend. This way I got to know everyone much more and on a more personal scale which allowed me to get closer to everyone.

Since the last report it seems that I haven’t done that much but I have done quite a bit. I am thankful to Rotary 

and everyone who is with me on the exchange experience. Thank you all!!

2018-08-12 Brydee’s Second Quarterly Report


I have to say, these three months have gone past like it’s been a week! A lot of things have happened since my last quarterly report. In the past three months I done things like go to my first district conference, move to my second host family, go on my rotary tour to St. Petersburg, Russia, I went on my Euro tour too and now I’m back in Finland for my 2 and a half month school holidays!On the 21st and 22nd of April I had my first District Conference which was where I would meet all my oldies in my District. Some members of my Rotary club and me had to drive two hours to Tampere for this Conference but we were a little late. On this weekend we did things like a flag parade, folk dancing, singing and even handed out balloons to people in the mall and I enjoyed every single second of it. We also made it to the Tampere Moomin museum. Moomins are Finnish cartoons that are adorable and have been famous in Finland for many, many years. This weekend was sooooo much fun, I met lifelong friends here and I will never forget this weekend.

On Sunday  22nd of April, I moved to my second host family. My new host parents names are Kristiina and Jari Nenonen, and they have three kids. Eriikka, Emmi and Veikka. They are a great family and I fit in well with them. Eriikka, their eldest daughter, is actually on exchange in New Zealand which is awesome and she will be coming back to Finland on 5th of July, the same time Vera comes back to Finland! They live in a small town called

Orimattila which is just half an hour outside of Lahti and it’s really nice.

Just a couple days after of being in my new host family, I set out on my first big Rotary trip. We were going to St. Petersburg, Russia for four days. To get to Russia it was a 3 hour drive to the border from Lahti and from the border it was a 5 hour drive to St. Petersburg. During this time we did lots of talking, singing, dancing, sleeping and trading pins. When we arrived in St. Petersburg, we put our bags in our rooms and we had dinner in the hotel. After dinner we had 3 hours before curfew so we went exploring around hotel which was a lot of fun!

The second day was the day we did our city tour, a tour of winter palace (the Hermitage) and we went to a Russian ballet concert. With our city tour, some things we saw were Nevsky Prospect, which is the main street of St. Petersburg, a big battleship used in WWII, many canals and much, much more. I think winter palace was my favourite of the whole trip because it was just so stunning. Even the inside was as breathtaking as the outside. I saw many famous artworks and statues, even two paintings by Leonardo Da’ Vinci. After this we visited a smaller museum about world culture and heritage. I learnt a lot about different countries history. There was also a floor in this museum about disoriented foetuses, humans and animals, which was a little disturbing but interesting. When we got back to the hotel we had dinner then free time. We had to be back and ready for the ballet by 6. By that time we were all ready and had left to go see the ballet. The ballet was Swan Lake and it was absolutely amazing, although I got a little bored by the end I had a lot of fun watching it and spending time with my friends.

Our third day was like another city tour but it was more interactive so we could get off the bus and take photos. We also got free time down the main street of St. Petersburg which was really fun. We walked halfway down the street, which was at least a couple kilometres, trying to find a shop where we could find a certain sports store. It took us all our free time to find the shop but we found it like half an hour before we had to get back to the buses. The problem after finding it though was that we didn’t know the way back to the buses so that we had to run back quickly, after retracing our steps, so that we didn’t miss the bus. Although we had a priority in finding that shop we still had lots of fun and saw lots of things during our free time. That evening we got to go to a Russian folk show, where they did lots of Russian folk dancing, singing and playing instruments, It was sooooo much fun!

The next day was Leaving day, which was really sad because I didn’t want to leave. When we got back to Finland, we stopped at a little town near the border to have lunch after the long drive. Since the other bus was going a different way we had to say goodbye to the people on the other bus. After another two hours of driving I had finally arrived back in Lahti with accidently leaving my camera on the bus, whoops (I have it back now so it's alright).

For the next month after St. Petersburg tour I had school and did lots of things with my friends and family until my next big tour came up which was Eurotour. I’m now going to do each country numbered because this is going take me forever if I do them all in long detailed paragraphs.




In Tallinn, we only spent half an hour looking around because we had to get to Riga, Latvia but in that half an hour we did a fair bit. For example we had a look inside a church which was really beautiful and we went to a souvenir shop which was fun. We also had a look at a beautiful view of Tallinn on a cliff looking down on Tallinn.


I didn’t think this a first but Riga was one of my favourite cities, Its old town was so beautiful and it had so much character behind it. We saw lots of landmarks and beautiful structures on our city tour but the weather wasn’t that good. The first night we stayed there, it was very cold and windy and it was also raining a little bit so our free time wasn’t that good. However the free time the next day was great but still a little cold. A big group of us wandered the streets of Rigas old town and discovered many things like a war museum and signature wall. For dinner that night we went to an underground pub that had amazing food and music which made the night unforgettable.


We weren’t in Lithuania for long but it was quite fun being there. We were in Lithuania’s second biggest city Kaunas and we had lots of fun going on our tour and having free time. Kaunas was under big renovations so everything did seem as good looking as Riga but there was a lot of great things to see there like churches, old town, a castle and lots of street art that has been popular in Kaunas for a couple years now. We had 3 hours of fee time to look around and find dinner. The first hour and a half we looked for a restaurant but when we found the one we were looking for, it turned out it had been closed down for awhile which was bad news aha, but we had hope so we kept walking in one direct for 10 minutes. We found a really nice pizza place that was really cheap and good. This day was a great day but in the morning we had close to a 7 hour drive to Warsaw, Poland.


Now I was really excited to See Poland. When we eventually got to Warsaw I was keen to get out of the bus and stretch after the long, long drive. We had to get our bags to our rooms and then we had our dinner ready for us. Once finished with dinner we had free time. Some of us went to the closest shopping centre because they wanted buy stuff with everything being so cheap. When done with buying ourselves goodies we walked to a nearby park and played at the playground and gym area. The next day we had a big tour of Warsaw, looking at all statues and buildings and castles. Here we also had some flag photos in front of a big statue of Frederick Chopin, a famous polish composer. After a big tour, we had lunch at a nice restaurant and then we had free time. My friend Rae and I decided we should just go by ourselves, so we did. We went around Discovering and looking around Warsaw old town and had lots of fun taking photos and talking. We found a really cool museum of Poland during the World Wars and it was very interesting. Rae is an expert at finding cheap and cool restaurants, so she found us a really nice crepe restaurant that had reasonable prices. Then from there we walked back to the hotel for the curfew. The next day we travelled to our next city in Poland, Krawków. Here we had a great time except for the evening where I had a mishap with my allergies. After our city tour when we got there, we had free time where we were walking the streets of the old town. We then went to a nice underground restaurant which was really nice until I got sick. I had gotten a burger and order without sauce and cheese like always, but I think there may have been eggs in the patty. The rest if the evening it was me feeling sick, but we still had a good time.


I think Hungary was my favourite country. I got soooo many photos and it was just overall beautiful. Getting here was a really long drive, we even had to drive through Slovakia to get there. Once we got there, we had 2 hours to get ready because we were going on a cruise for dinner. The cruise was absolutely beautiful and it was very enjoyable dancing on the roof of the boat with all the other exchange students. We saw lots of things like the Budapest parliament house and many other famous buildings. This night was amazing and it came to an end by going back to the hotel and having a good night sleep. The next day we had a city tour we saw lots of things like the castle on the hill which was beautiful. When free time started my 2 friends and I immediately went to find lunch because we were very hungry (pun intended). During lunch we had planned out what we were going to do which was go to the statue on the hill explore around there. It was a long walk to the base of the hill. On the way there we crossed a bridge and we sat on the bridge for a while, enjoying the view. Once we go to the base of the hill we started our trek up the hill, it took a very long time (at least it felt like forever) and it was hard, but we saw beautiful views from different parts of the climb and it was amazing. Eventually arriving at the top, we bought slushies to enjoy the view with and we got lots of photos. We walked around the area as well. There was a big statue there – it was great - and also souvenirs so we bought goodies there. Tired from the walk back and all the rest of the  sightseeing we stopped to buy dinner and have a good chat while relaxing our legs. When walking back to the hotel we ran into some of the other exchange students so we walked back together. We all had good night sleeps ecause we were going to Vienna, Austria the next day.


The trip to Vienna wasn’t that long, so after a bus trip of 2 hours we had made it to Austria. When we got to our hotel we dropped our bags in our room then went back to the bus to start our bus tour. After our tour we then had free time when we explored the old town, During this it started raining so we wandered around soaking when we came to a train station where we had some coffee before we walked back in the pouring rain for curfew. The next day we got a tour of the Schönbrunn Palace. The palace was absolutely breathtaking and knowing everything, all the furniture and everything, was real and shown to the public had me amazed! After the great tour we went to the back of the palace to the garden which had also taken my breath away. It was so beautiful with all the colours and plants, even with a water fountain at the back of the garden. And here too we had taken flag photos. After these awesome tours we had been taken to the centre of Vienna to be dropped off to get lunch and have free time for the rest of the day. For lunch we went to a nice pizza place and after sat in a park with snacks. Then we went andering around old town and we even went to the theme park there in Vienna. Here we took flag photos and we went a ride that gave a full view of the city which made my day. Later we then slowly walked back to the hotel for curfew.

Picture above: Flag Photos in Vienna


I was sooo excited for Prague because I had heard such great thing about it. and it was as beautiful as I had been told. When we arrived we had a tour of Prague and old town, We saw the Prague castle and that was breathtaking. After our 3 hour tour, we had free time and we made it our mission to find the John Lennon wall. After we had dinner at a great Czechen restaurant, we started our journey towards the wall. On the way there we had lots of fun walking through the streets of Prague old town and mucking around. It was after 45 mins that we find the John Lennon wall and I was so happy and amazed because it was so beautiful. My friend, Josh, and I made our mark on the wall representing Australia which I am proud of, from then we walked back to our hotel just in time for curfew. The next day we had a full free day to ourselves which I was really excited about because I could get to sleep in. 

The day before, three other friends and I decided we would go to The Prague zoo, which I was really excited about. Arriving at the zoo, we had lunch and we started our long journey around the zoo. We took plenty of photos, which I still don’t have yet, and we saw so many animals. My friend Aidan saw elephants and giraffes for the first time and the other Australian Jess and I saw kangaroos and emus for the first time in over 6 months. After our big day at the zoo we decided that we go to the main shopping centre of Austria and have a look around. Here we sat down and had coffee, dressed up in multiple different clothes in multiple different shops and even found a music box in the mall where we blasted our favourite Finnish songs which was right before we realised that we were late for curfew with only half an hour to get back to the hotel. With this we ran to the nearest place to us which was a hotel and we got the to call a taxi for us. We contacted our Rotex telling them we might be late, although we called a taxi to take us back. With only 15 mins remaining until curfew our taxi finally came. We were really anxious that our taxi might not get to the hotel in time but right on 10:59 (our curfew was at 11) our taxi arrived at the hotel. We got out, while Rae stayed behind and paid, and sprinted towards our rooms. One of the Rotex was there in the lobby waiting for us to see if we would make it in time. Looking at the time he told us to go to our rooms quickly, so we sprinted up 3 flights of stairs and made it to our rooms by 11 o’clock exactly, well our experience in Prague was very thrilling and fulfilling!


When we first arrived in Germany, we had lunch at small town near the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. Here we looked around at all the old architecture and all the beautiful wildlife. Lunch was really good too, with all of us getting hamburgers and vegetables although I didn’t get hamburgers because they had egg in them. When we finished lunch we continued our three hour drive to Munich. Once we got there it was late in the afternoon, so we had free time to go get some dinner and have a look around before curfew. The next day we were going to the Dachau concentration camp which was 40 minutes away from Munich. We had 2 hours to look around the concentration camp. The whole time at the camp I was with two of my friends and the entire time we hardly spoke to each other like it wasn’t right to speak in a place like this. We had gone through a great big museum when we first arrived which gave insights on what was happening there during that time. They had information about how the prisoners had lived, how they had been treated, and the history of the whole camp. After going through the museum, we moved to another building which had lots of cells - like maybe 100 cells. From there on we walked around looking at the ruins from where the prison bunkers would be. We also went and saw the gas chamber. This one building had furnaces to burn the bodies and a big shower room and a gas chamber. Looking around really made me realise how bad it actually was. Once finished looking at that we followed a trail into a little forest to find many mass graves of thousands of unknown people. At this time our time here had come to an end and we made our way back to the bus.

Arriving back to the hotel we were told that the rest of the day we had free time until 10:30 at night, so we went out exploring again. Some of us went to a great big park which was amazing. There was an African festival going on and not far from there, there was a group of people were playing cricket which I was happy about because it reminded me of home! This night too was the beginning of the world cup, so everyone wanted to go and watch the

game between Germany and Mexico. I’m pretty sure Mexico won because all the Mexicans who were on Eurotour were so jumpy and happy and celebrating so yeah. 

The next day was more eventful than the other days. We had a city tour which was lots of fun, some free time for lunch and then we met up at 5 to go to a place for our goodbye dinner since it was our last night on Eurotour. At this party, there was lots of singing, dancing, pin swapping, flag and book signing, tears and speeches. This night our oldies were officially saying goodbye to us because all of them were leaving not long after getting back to Finland. Our oldies sang to us, passed down gifts which have been passed down for many generations of exchange students in Finland and gave big speeches. I remember that I cried a lot that night - actually I think everyone did, This night I will never forget. The next day everyone was a bit gloomy because we were leaving, lots of tears had come before and during our time on the way back from Germany. We had a 2 and a half hour plane flight home and during that time I tried not to think about not seeing most of them for a long long time or even never again after that. After an hour of saying our heartfelt goodbyes and “see you soon” and lots of tears, Abigail - my exchange student friend who lives in the same city as me – and I finally left the airport to get back to Lahti. I thought it was funny seeing that when we got back to Finland that it was raining after 35 degree weather in eastern Europe, but I was happy because this is the Finland I know and grew to love, always cold and raining!


So Eurotour was very eventful, and I unfortunately haven't got the photos from Czech and Germany yet, but I loved every second of it, Some things to come in the future will be moving to my third host family which will happen in the end of July and also lots of visiting people before they leave. I am so grateful that I met all the people I know now and I went to the places I’ve been to, because those moments have shaped me to be who I am now. I want to thank the Rotary of Finland for organising these amazing trips and to letting me be able to live in this beautiful country. And I want to thank the Rotary of Australia and my District for letting me be able to go on exchange.

Thank you again for the millionth time I think? ahah

Brydee Lavis.


2018-03-26 2 months in Finland - First Quarterly report – Brydee Lavis


2 months, my life has changed dramatically in 2 months. It’s crazy to think that I have lived in another country for 2 months! While being here in Finland I have actually experienced so many things and when I first I had some major culture shock. If I were to explain my culture shock I would only have to say one thing, Snow. When we walked out of the airport there was soooooo much snow and it was so exciting and strange, the feeling was. It was also so cold and I was wearing tights when I got off the plane so that would probably explain why I was cold.

In my first week In finland, I was at a language camp, In Karkku half an hour from Tampere, which was sooooo much fun! Here, me and all the other exchange students, from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, experienced so many new things such as Saunas, cross-country skiing and also jumping into a frozen lake. I have to say jumping into the frozen lake was probably the worst decision i’ve ever made.

At this language camp we had a downside to all the fun we were having. We had to actually attend class which was bad since we were all so tired from the jetlag. We were split into lesson and then the rest, who were learning finnish, were in four groups with a rotex or ‘tutor’. I was in a group with 2 other Australians and we had Ilkka, he went to America 6 years ago on exchange and he’s now in the army, He was a great tutor but when I went to rest my head on my scarf or beanie he would steal them so I couldn't nap!

At the start of the day just before we started our lesson we would do these crazy dance/sing along games which were to brighten our moods I have to admit they were funny and enjoyable but it definitely didn’t wake me up. Then we get straight to our lessons where Mimmu, our teacher, would teach us finnish and then our tutors would help us with it.

With each topic we would do, we activities with it. For example when we were learning the names of family members, there was a fake wedding so we were given names of a family member each and we had introduce ourselves to each other. Everyone was either on the bride's side or the grooms side of the family. Mine had to be the worst one because I happened to be the brides ex wife or ex vaimo they say in finnish!!!

It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone but I was so excited to meet my host family. They are so great and they treat me so well like i’ve been in this family my whole life. My host family consists of my host parents Nina and Leif Vinberg and Nina’s children Jani, Sami and Siiri.

With them I have tried even more! I have gone skiing multiply time and figured out i can’t ski uphill, I have try and fail at ice skating, gone sledding with my host sister, Siiri, so many times I can’t even count, and what I can never forget is going to my first Ice hockey game!

So the city I live in called Lahti, i’m pretty sure it is the 8th largest city in Finland and it has just under 200,000 people. With being here for two months i’ve figured out there’s not much to do here other than skiing, walking in forest, going to laser tag, going to the movie or hanging out at the shopping centre with friends.

Speaking of friends I have some friends I spend time with a lot at the shopping centres which are two exchange students from america, Abigail and Beryl, and also Jessina and Kielo who are going on exchange soon to Mexico, Jessina, and Australia, Kielo. At school I mainly hang out with a classmate Silja, Abigail and another soon to be exchange student, Milla, who is off to Mexico. (To the right is me with Abby and Beryl.)

I go to school at Lahden Yhteiskoulu, or LYK for short. This school is actually the biggest school ever, even one of the biggest in Finland! They have around 1,000 people there, it’s crazy! I’m in grade 1 in high school which is year 10 but I also take 1 english class in grade 2, year 11. I take 2 english classes, 1 maths, an art class, sport and music class. These classes are really fun except maths though since I can’t understand anything because our teacher doesn’t explain in english or even acknowledges me.

In this class I just catch up on other class projects or work to do with my rotary tours. Here In finland, the schools have free warm food for lunch, paid for by peoples taxes. I personally think this food is great but i’ve heard otherwise from others.

So far the only places I have been to are Seinajoki, to visit my host siblings grandparents, and Ähtäri zoo, to see Finland’s new pandas and I think I was the first australian to see them! Although this weekend I will be going to Helsinki for Easter to visit my host brother, Jani.

Most of the stress I have had during my time here has been about the paperwork for the trip to St. Petersburg in a month. Although, I have worked everything out with the help of my counselor and some help from home. The

weekend before I leave for Russia is pretty busy too. That is when I have a district conference with rotarians, rotex and exchange students from my district, 1390.

And what makes it even more busy is that, that is the weekend i’m moving to my next host family! To be honest I haven’t thought much about moving host families, i’m sad that I will have to leave my current host family but i’m also excited because I will get to have new experiences and I will have a new family to love.

Coming up In the next three months is pretty eventful, as soon as I move to my next host family I will be off to St Petersburg for 4 days which i’m so excited for. And then 1 month after that I will be going on my EuroTour!! I will be going to 8 countries, which include; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

I am actually so grateful that I had the opportunity to come on exchange and it really has changed my life, I have so many new friends and I have formed great unbreakable bonds with people with people I have only know for 2-6 months. My rotary club here in finland are actually amazing, they’re so nice and supportive and if it wasn’t them I wouldn’t of been able to come here. Also If it wasn’t for District 9790 or my rotary club or even my friends and family, this would have never been possible so i’m so thankful for you all.

Until next time,



2018-01-18 Brydee leaving for Finland 


A very happy and excited Brydee leaving Melbourne for a year in Finland.


Good bye and good luck from all of us!! 

2017-12-14  Brydee Lavis – Outbound Exchange Student


Brydee had been practising her speech in Finnish for her presentation at the Second Orientation Weekend at Dookie just recently. However, she gave most of her talk this evening in English, with just a small greeting to the Club in Finnish at the beginning.

Brydee began her talk by outlining a bit about herself and her family, and mentioned her involvement with playing cricket and netball.

Then she gave us some information about Finland, its population, wild life (bears!) and industries (electronics and forest). She showed us photos of her first host family and told us a bit about them, outlined her new school (Lahden Yhteiskoulu) and host Rotary Club (Lahti RC).

On arrival in Finland she anticipates attending a language school in Karkku, visiting Tampere in southern Finland, the Santa Village Rovaniemi in Lapland and St Petersburg in Russia. Her Euro Tour will take her further afield.

She was most grateful to Vera for her assistance in learning the language, and also wished to thank the Rotary Club of Corowa for its support and helping her get this far – KIITOS (thank you).

While realising it will be tough with their daughter on the other side of the world, parents Julie and Doug had high praise for the support system, communication, orientation and training provided by the Youth Exchange Committee.

Brydee’s goals while away are to learn to ski (she has never seen snow), learn the language, and observe the wildlife (bears).

President Gary presented Brydee with her blazer, a Rotary pen and several Corowa Rotary Club banners which she can present to her host Club.

The Rotary Club of Corowa is very proud of their newest Exchange Student and wishes her a fabulous and memorable year away.

2017-11-23  Youth Exchange – Brydee Lavis


It was a busy weekend at Dookie for the Youth Exchange weekend. This was the final orientation for those students going overseas in January for the biggest adventure of their lives.

The students were presented with their blazers and were quick to begin swapping pins and badges. They also had to make a speech in the language of their host country. Brydee Lavis is off to Finland and has been getting some great tuition from Finnish inbound Vera Toppara.


Pictured: Brydee receives her blazer from DG Bernie Bott