2019 Debra Everingham - Presidente Prudente, Brazil

2020-02-19 Debra Everingham


After a very full year in Brazil, Debra was very happy to be able to report on her experiences to the Club.

In the area of Brazil where Debra was, Portuguese and English was spoken.

and she stayed with four host families. She told of her schooling – Private and Public. School went from 7.00am to 2.30pm and the teachers were more friends than teachers as we know it. Students are more into study than

other activities.

She visited Rio De Janerio and found the city not a very safe place. She gave a very interesting account of her year in Brazil with many photos to accompany her presentation.

Debra had on her jacket which was adorned with a large number of pins and memorabilia gathered on her time of Exchange.


Deb presented the Club with a banner from her host Club Presidente Prudente and expressed her appreciation for the Club's sponsorship for her exchange.

2019-08-07  YOUTH EXCHANGE -  Debra


Debra raising the Australian Flag in Brazil

2019-05-29 Debra in Brazil


Debra has been travelling, enjoying the local sights. 

 2019-02-06 Debra  Everingham


The Club will be pleased to hear that Debra has arrived safely in Brazil. She is seen here exchanging banners with her host Rotary Club President.

 2019-01-16 Debra Everingham leaves for Brazil


This week our club also said farewell to our outbound exchange student Debra Everingham who is off to Brazil this week. President Bill and the Club wished her the best for the coming year. Debra's councillor Rtn Meredith presented her with a gift for her travels.

The gift was kindly donated by local store Giftwrapt in Sanger Street.

Thanks to Sandy and Barry Hunter for the generous donation.

2018-11-28 Debra Everingham – Exchange Student to Brazil

This week’s guest speaker was Debra Everingham, our Outbound Exchange Student. Debra is heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil in January 2019. Debra showed the club her presentation about her life and family.

Debra was born in 2001 in Bairnsdale and lived in Omeo. She has 2 brothers, a sister and her mum is Anita. Debra has close ties to Corowa as her grandparents lived in Corowa for many years.

She has 2 Jack Russell dogs and 2 cats. Her hobbies include Photography, painting, travel and watching her favourite TV shows. She currently lives in Wangaratta and attends Wangaratta High School. When in Brazil she will attend JP College and she will be a part of the RC of Presidente Prudente-Sudoeste, in District 4510.

Debra is looking forward to her year and thanked the RC of Corowa for their sponsorship of her exchange. We look forward to hearing about her adventures when she returns in one short Rotary Exchange Year!!

Pictured: Debra with President Bill Bott