Cultural Hosting

In July 2015 the Club was approached to host a visit to Corowa by a group of 35 migrant women from Sydney.  The trip was planned for September so the Club agreed and then went to the community to asks for host families.  This turned out to be no trouble and we ended up with a surplus of hosts.


The women arrived from Sydney on Friday night and left on Sunday morning, and in the intervening period experienced country life with trips to a farm to see sheep shearing, a winery and the Corowa Chocolate & Whisky Factory.


The highlight of the weekend was Saturday nights dinner where the ladies cooked traditional meals for everyone to enjoy.  They then told their story of how they came to come to Australia; some were immigrants and some were refugees.


The weekend proved to be such a great success that they came back again in May the following year, this time to speak to the students at Corowa High and it was another success.


Below are some of the photo's from the weekends.  To view a larger version just click on the photo.