RAWCS to Vanuatu







In May 2008 11 Members and Honorary Members of the Club went to Vanuatu to work on the Port Villa Central School.  Our job was to refurbish two classrooms, install cork flooring in the kindergarten area and install new ceiling fans throughout the school.


When we got there and inspected the school, we found a facility that had not been maintained since it was built and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned for some time either. So with a lot of elbow grease and plenty of sweat, we scrubbed and cleaned the classrooms and gave them a new shiny coat of paint.  Our electrician in the team - Herbie Griffin - installed 20 new ceiling fans and trained the schools handyman in a number of maintenance techniques.  Gary Poidevin took on the role of putting down the cork flooring, which - due to the humidity - proved much harder than it sounded, but in the end everything stuck as it should.


Participants in the trip were Noreen Miller, John & Gail Law, Wally & Lyn Cann, Neil & Wendy Davis, Gary & Christine Poidevin and Peter (Herbie) & Christine Griffen.




The photos below illustrate part of our experience:

2019-09-11 Number 9 - Gary Poidevin - RAWCS
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